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Online olive oil tasting held live at our region’s oil cooperative during the olive-harvesting season (15/11 – 15/03).

►We will send 4 varieties of extra virgin olive oil from our visit to the cooperative.

►Gift of a Large Gourmet Case.

Choose the hour to carry out the activity.
One-to-one feedback from a professional taster as your mentor — there to help you during all along the session.
Access to a team of advisors — available by phone and email to answer all your questions.

To fully participate, please make sure you have the following equipment:
► A desktop computer or laptop
► Video projector & screen (>15 pax)
► Speakers (>15 pax)
► Webcam & Microphone or Android phone
► A fast and reliable internet connection

Olive Oil Tasting + Tour | Juniors


About the workshop
This activity will be held at an “almazara” (oil press) so that participants can witness the production process first-hand during the olive-harvesting season (15/11 – 15/03).
We will visit the olive grove, speak with the workers and hold the tasting session at the Cooperative.

1) Visit the olive grove to witness the olive harvest first-hand.
2) Learn about the stages of olive oil production at the mill’s facilities.
3) Classifications of oils and olive varieties.
3) Oil tasting to discover the sensory characteristics of extra virgin and refined olive oils and their differences.

Who is it for?
This workshop is designed for all all students that share an interest in finding out more about Andalucia’s “green gold“. This activity’s interactive format teaches participants how to appreciate the different stages of the manufacturing process and the tasting session at the press with the mill master.  

¿How does it work?
Once you have confirmed the reservation by a 30% deposit you will reveive:
–  by courier: Olive oil tasting Pack; 4 varieties of virgin olive oil produced at the mill’s facilities + Olive oil tasting shot glasses (compostable and biogradable) + 1 Large Gourmet Case.
by email : Parcel Tracking + link and details on how to join + Didactic pdf booklets in Spanish.

The remaining 70% due will be paid 3 days AFTER THE ACTIVITY is carried out.
Note: few days before the activity we will test the connection and the equipment (computers, webcam, audio,…).

On the day of the workshop
Our “reporter”, will be live streaming through the olive grove, the olive oil processing and the tasting session step by step.


90 min

Olive oil tasting + Tour

Hosted in Spanish, English and French

Up to 25 people per session. Private groups available for up to 125 per day.

Lenght/Session: 90 min.
Activity : 4 Olive oil tasting + Tour
Nº Participants/Session: 25 aprox.
Nº Participants/Day: 125 aprox.


Non-EU European countries: extra 1 €/participant.

(1): Due to very strict regulations in some countries please contact us if you are interested to realize this activity from a non-European Community country.

What´s included?:
Live Online support in Spanish, English and French (Zoom or Google Meet) during the whole class,
Olive oil tasting Pack; 4 varieties of virgin olive oil produced at the mill’s facilities + Olive oil tasting shot glasses (compostable and biogradable) for all participants,
Gift; 1 Large Gourmet Case for the event organizer,
– Delivery cost by courier,
– VAT.



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How to participate

Request a free quotation for an Olive oil tasting + Olive Tour workshop or COMBINE WITH OTHERS ONLINE EXPERIENCES.

Refund of the deposit (30 %) within 72 hours following the payment.

Final balance (70%) is due after the activities are completed.

Free! Modify your date of visit free of charge up to 72 hours before the activity starts.


Booking this workshop the event organizer will receive this large Gourmet Case; Early Harvest Unfiltered 500 ml, Extra Virgin Olive Oil 500 ml, Basilic Flavoured & Chilli Flavoured Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Olive Oil Soap.


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