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Live-streamed sessions with an internationally-recognized chef.
► The chef accompanies you throughout the entire process.
Recipes are sent with your booking confirmation.
► Ask as many questions as you want!

► Light olive or canola oil
► Red bell pepper
► Onion
► Canned tomatoes, or roma tomatoes
► Rice
► Saffron (optional)
► Paprika
► Garlic powder
► Onion powder
► Salt
► Assorted seafood
► Green peas
► Chicken stock

To fully participate, please make sure you have the following equipment:
► A desktop computer, laptop, tablet or Android phone
► A fast and reliable internet connection

► Paella pan or a flat-bottomed skillet (9 or 12-inch skillet)
► Cutting board
► Kitchen knife

Internationally-recognized chef
“I have received formal vocational training in the Culinary Arts School in Madrid, specialising in Nutrition and Dietetics in Granada. Throughout my years of working in reputable, well-known restaurants in Madrid, (The Nodo, Claravía and Kaiku, to name a few) I picked up invaluable experience learning traditional (Madrilenian, Basque, Andalusian, Galician, Catalan) and international (Japanese, Chinese, French, Moroccan, Italian, etc…)  cooking and pastry making techniques. Working in the cosmopolitan capital of Ireland, Dublin opened the door for me to create and perfect some of the most unique meals one could imagine, all while obtaining confidence and becoming comfortable in the English language. From 2006 to 2020, I instructed and managed my very own culinary school, “Javier Vílchez Culinary School”, where I not only taught how to cook, but also how to eat. By the end of 2015, I edited and published my book, “From Appetizers to Desserts”, where I break down more than 200 original recipes that have been tried and tested in my culinary courses.”

Cooking Paella | Juniors


About the course
Learn how to make a delicious, authentic paella served with your choice of meat and/or seafood infused with saffron. Our chef, will show you firsthand how to whip up this traditional Spanish dish. You can also add the preparation of tasty muffins for dessert.

Paella process
1) Heat up the olive oil and sauté your choice of meat or fish (or calamari and cuttlefish if applicable).
2) Add the minced garlic and your desired vegetables.
3) Add the Arborio (round-grain) rice, the paprika and the saffron.
4) Pour in the water or your choice of stock (chicken, beef or fish) and let simmer on low heat. If adding shellfish, add it in to the pan at this point as well.

Who´s for?
Become a SpanishTrainee Cook! No prior cooking knowledge is required, as our Chef will guide you through the whole process.

How does it work?
Once you have confirmed the reservation by a 30% deposit you will reveive by email the link and details on how to join.

The remaining 70% due will be paid 3 days AFTER THE ACTIVITY is carried out.
Note: few days before the activity we will test the connection and the equipment (computers, webcam, audio,…).

On the day of the workshop
Our Chef, will be on hand throughout to guide participants through the process step by step and can have a chat with him.


90 min


Hosted in Spanish, English and French

Up to 20 people per session. Private groups available for up to 100 per day.

Lenght/Session: 90 min.
Activity : cooking
Nº Participants/Session: 20 aprox.
Nº Participants/Day: 100 aprox.

FEES: from 8 €/Participant. REQUEST FREE QUOTE HERE

What do you need ?
Utensils: Paella pan or a flat-bottomed skillet (9 or 12-inch skillet)
Paella ingredients: Light olive or canola oil / Red bell pepper / Rice /Saffron (optional) / Paprika / Garlic powder / Onion powder / Salt / Assorted seafood / Green peas / Chicken stock / Oranges / Onions / Roma tomatoes / Avocado / Toasted almonds / Pitted olives

What´s included:
Live Online support (Zoom or Google Meet) during the whole class,
– Hosted in Spanish, English or French,
– Broadcast live from the Chef´s kitchen,
– The recipe is sent before the course,
– VAT.

Covid-19 Measures: This activity can be carried out respecting the sanitary recommendations in terms of protection and safety to avoid the contagion of the Covid-19 virus; masks, social distance and ventilation of the room where the workshop is held.


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How to participate

Request a free quotation for a Paella Cooking workshop or COMBINE WITH OTHERS ONLINE EXPERIENCES.

Refund of the deposit (30 %) within 72 hours before activity starts.

Final balance (70%) is due after the activities are completed.

Free! Modify your date of visit free of charge up to 24 hours before the activity starts.



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