Terms and conditions
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  • Acceptance of these conditions is a prerequisite for registration or attendance to any of our school’s courses.
  • The company will be closed between the 1st to 6th January and from 21st to 31st December 2021. No services will be given during these periods, although registrations and requests for information by email or telephone will be dealt with.
  • The company  is closed Sundays.
  • Holidays: There are no classes on February 28th, April 19th, May 1st, June 20th, November 1st and December 6th. There will be no charge for these classes if the student loses any day for this reason.
  • Each one-hour class lasts a full 90 minutes.
  • All classes are given in Spanish, English or French. It is not necessary for students enrolled on our  courses to be able to speak Spanish, but it will make learning easier.
  • The online workshops  must be set and paid unless 30 days in advance. Classes that are being set but haven’t been confirmed (date or time) 15 days in advance are assumed to be cancelled. In case of change for a confirmed class, once we are informed classes will take place class depending on our availability.
  • You can make change time. If a minority of students would be unable to attend online they still be able to access to video recorded during the workshop.
  • The materials that are sent  to the school (for collective classes) or students (for individual classes)  are an exclusive property of the client.
  • Extension of participants is normally possible after payment is made, and should be requested as soon as possible. If a course is extended, the price will be calculated according to the total number of participants. Materials may be added via payment with the corresponding supplement (for the materials, postage and handling fees).
  • Via Experiencias  reserves the right to make any necessary timetable changes without prior notice.
  • The “Maestro” courses (plasterworks, Wood inlay, Tiled panel & Olive oil tasting) will uphold to their own exclusive conditions, them being the following:
    • Admission to the courses will be suject to the order the applications come in.
    • To formatlize your booking you must pay the full import of the course in advance. Booking will not be binding for the School until the payment has been received.
    • Once the booking has been formalized, confirmation will be sent.
    • Once the booking has been formalized, there will be no refunds.
    • Classes will be imparted in Spanish, English and French.
  • Via Experiencias  Director of Studies will be responsible for assigning students to the different levels following an oral interview or teachers’ assessment regarding Alhambra´s online courses
  • After the activity the responsible person  will have the opportunity to fulfill an evaluation questionnaire about all the services offered and so help to better the school.



  • Preferably, participants should enrol using our web page www.viaexperiencias.es. It is also possible to enrol by email. For all enrolments, Via Experiencias reserves the right to refuse admission.
  • Via Experiencias will confirm the booking and will send all the necessary information  and materials before the activity date.
  • Once the group has received confirmation from Via Experiencias, it is necessary to send  the full payment to confirm the booking.



  • Payments for bookings can be paid by:
    • Bank transfer indicating your name and booking reference number to:
      • Via Andalucia
      • CAJA RURAL DE GRANADA. Plaza de la Baja – 18193 Monachil (Granada)
      • IBAN (International Banking Account Number): ES37 3023 0033 9459 5187 3016
      • BIC (Bank Identification Code): BCOEESMM023
      • (Please send us proof of payment by email)
  • The client will be responsible for all bank transfer charges and commissions.
  • The valid prices are those published in the web for the current year. Very occasionally errors are made in receipts, invoices, emails, etc. but the prices applicable are the ones in the web.
  • Bookings will be lost if we have not received payment of the deposit, or proof of payment, at least two weeks before the course starting dates, except if the enrolment is made with less than four weeks notice in which case Via Experiencias will provide information about the booking conditions.



  • If we are notified of the cancellation for the course four weeks before the course starting dates, the full amount paid will be refunded, minus 100 Euros for administration costs.
  • If we are notified of the cancellation for the course less than two weeks before the course starting dates, no fee will be refunded, although fees may be used as payment for another course in the future (within a maximum of 5 years).
  • If we are notified of the cancellation less than 4 days before the course starting dates, the fee will not be refunded .
  • For the “Maestros Classes” master courses no refund will be made.
  • Changes or cancellations for online classes must be notified at least 24 hours in advance. If they are not, they must be paid in full.
  • There is no reason or justification, which invalidates the previous points.


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